Introducing: Food for Thought

Hi friends!

So it is crystal clear that I like food, you like food…hence why you are probably reading this blog right now.

But. Today I am introducing a new type of food to the blog:

Mind food!

No, It’s not exactly the delectable, edible kind, but hopefully you see where this is going. I am always up for a good dose of inspiration and a change of perspective and sharing our personal experiences with one another is one of the best tools given to allow ourselves an opportunity to grow and prosper. 

This is my raw, un-edited portion of the blog. You want the “real” me? Well you got it now!

Today is going to be just a quickie, I have compiled some of my favourite Ted talks to share with you, I do hope you enjoy and stay tuned for an exciting post next week! 😉

Feel free to share some of your favourite Ted talks/inspirational videos in the comments!





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