Healthy French Toast

Ooh la la.

J’aime le petit déjeuner, et vous? C’est ma repas préféré de la journée!

You didn’t think I was going to write en Français the whole time, did you? Je suis désole, on peut rêver!


We don’t necessarily have to talk in French to talk about the delicacies of the French…

Hold on though, before we dig into this completely delicious, and 100% healthy recipe, I must debunk the myth that…

French Toast is not even French.


Oui, c’est vrai. French toast actually date back all the way to 4th century Rome, and became very common throughout throughout Europe in the Middle Ages. Before the French titled the treat “Pain Perdu” (literally meaning “lost bread”) it was called “Pain a la Romaine”, not referring to the lettuce but the Romans.

Alors! Enough of my little history lesson, lets continue on to the recipe shall we?


Healthy French Toast

v, low-fat, low-sodium, (can be) gf

Serves 3


-Bread of choice (I recommend Sourdough)

-1 large ripe banana (use a spotty banana for optimal sweetness)

-2 tbsp. non-dairy milk

-I tbsp. chia seeds

-I tsp. vanilla extract

-Dash of cinnamon


The batter will make enough to coat three pieces of bread. Lightly toast your bread beforehand. Mash the banana in a small bowl and add the non-dairy milk, vanilla and cinnamon into the mixture. Stir in the chia seeds gently and set aside. Heat a non-stick pan on low and coat your toasted bread in the mixture and cook until golden and crisp.

Bon appétit mes amis!







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