Why you should go Vegan right now!

Good morning, afternoon, evening to you all!

It’s a beautiful sunny day, what more could I ask for. I really should be getting some school work done but instead of educating myself today I want to educate and bring awareness to others.

I just finished a huge banana smoothie, am listening to some good music and I feel that it’s time to write a bit of an ‘expressive’ post.

I will put a disclaimer that if you are sensitive and feel that I am being judgemental you are missing the entire point of this post and need to go carb up!

Also, If you haven’t already checked out my ‘Why Veganism?’ page click here.


We all know how much I love talking about nutrition and creating healthy recipes to share with as many people as I can. I love being a nerd and reading scientific studies, I love sharing my acquired knowledge and helping others to realize what they are putting in their bodies. While the nutritional aspects of Veganism are intriguing and so beneficial it’s important that you know, it’s just a bonus.

There are Vegans who embark on the lifestyle for health purposes which is totally acceptable. Then there are others who cannot stand eating another beings flesh and go the ethical route. All vegans main reason for maintaining a vegan lifestyle, should be primarily ethically driven. No questions asked.

Veganism is not just a diet. It never was and it never will be.

When you go Vegan your duty is so much larger than not consuming animal by-products. You should not wear them, bathe in them or exploit them in any way shape or form. This means no leather, no l’oreal or cover girl and definitely no more zoo or aquarium visits.

There are very many ways in which you can ‘cheat’ Veganism. Animal by-products are hidden in everything. The majority of sugar is bleached using bone char. Don’t forget about those goose feathers in your winter parka or even your bed’s comforter! What about the whey protein that’s in that bread you bought? Beeswax in your candles?

Now, you might think I am being a nag, which at this point is completely warranted. But tell me this: Am I insane for not feeling the need to wear a jacket that once had four legs and a mouth? Am I truly psychotic for not wanting to consume the wastes and flesh of another being that was not mine to consume in the first place?

You’ve heard this all before. That steak or chicken on your plate once had a family, a mother, a father, children just like you. It had a a beating heart, emotions a nervous system and when it was “humanely killed” (biggest oxymoron known to man) that animal sure as hell felt it. How would you like a 4 inch bolt struck through your head?

When did animals become inferior to humans? We praise our dogs and cats. We remain loyal to them, yet we pay $2.99 for a piece of shitty, processed meat that had the same emotional intellect as our companions.

Those chickens, pigs, cows and fish ARE ALL WORTH MORE THAN TWO, THREE, EVEN TWENTY DOLLARS. Who are we to determine another beings worth? This is the biggest mistake we continue to make on and on and on and it’s not just in the industry.

You watch the news and see a case of a child being bullied and who ends up committing suicide. You think to yourself “Wow, that is so sad”. The bully then gets convicted, sent to court then jail. He/she deserves it right? After all they made someone take their life!

How many stories do you hear on the news about the holocaust these days? Wait a second. Didn’t that end in 1945?

Wrong! The slaughtering of animals began before the Jewish Holocaust and has not stopped since. I am not misusing the word holocaust as a racial slur or to make a scene. The longest and most detrimental holocaust to ever take place on this earth is the animal holocaust. It happened long before the extermination of the Jewish and is still happening today. No one came to the animals rescue and they were innocent, just like the Jewsish.

And no, Hitler was not a vegetarian contrary to popular belief.

Humans are bullies. We are so conceited and full of ourselves that we think we have the power to determine the worth of another living, breathing being. We may not even be consciously aware or do it deliberately, but we are the biggest disgrace to walk this earth. I am embarrassed to be a human being somedays. You should be too. You may think that is harsh. I counter with that is reality.

“But we have cured many diseases and invented iPhones and airplanes! We should be proud of our accomplishments!”

We have made more mistakes than accomplishments. We hunt, we exploit. we rape, we murder. Don’t say that the Nazis killed the Jewish people for fun. A robber didn’t steal money because he was rich. Don’t say a murderer killed his wife because he loved her! Humans are selfish. We don’t think before we do. We think for ourselves and for only ourselves.

Am I taking it too far? Maybe. Insults are in the ear of the listener. Through my perspective I am being real. I do not lie, I am honest and I only exude the truth and expect no lies or propaganda thrown back at me in return.

Making mistakes is the only way we will learn, but in a world full of stupidity we consistently make the same ones. I am not talking about the mistakes you make on a math test. The education given in schools is bogus when we have monumental crises happening right in front of our eyes on our plate. 

Again I am not saying this from a nutritional point of view. I am saying: how can we be so blind? So blind, that we do not even think twice about eating the flesh of an equal? But there’s the thing. We do not see animals as equals. Animals most likely existed before us, yet here we go again with our swelling egos.

We are not above animals. There are many animals who are just as intelligent if not more intelligent than we.

If a Lion comes to have you for lunch I am not saying let him eat you because you had eggs for breakfast and you deserve it. In all efforts defend yourself because that is your initial instinct. But when YOU get hungry are you going to go and chow down on that Lion?

Why not? Well, because humans are not carnivorous. OR omnivorous. We are herbivores, the proof is in our physiological make-up. vegan-diet

Even with this scientific proof, it should be evident that if you have enough humanity you will not be able kill an animal with your bare hands. Just like you would not go up to another human, walking on the sidewalk and tear them apart to fulfill your hunger. So instead, you go to the grocery store and pay for someone to do it for you. Is it just me, or is that not messed up?

“But I don’t even eat that much meat! I am like 90% Vegan!” Well, good for you for not consuming meat like it’s water. However, even if you still consume small amounts of meat you are still contributing to the ongoing cruelty. That statement is comparable to a guy saying “I only rape a woman like once a week but i’m not a rapist.” If you commit rape, you are a rapist. If you eat meat, if you have a leather handbag, you are contributing to animal cruelty.

“Thall shalt not kill” the most adamantly preached and most adamantly ignored words of our existence. This applies to anything that can walk, fly, breathe or digest.

Veganism is not a label. You are the voice for those who have no words. These animals are not born free. They are born to be murdered, impregnated and abused. Is freedom not a birthright? Based on your traditions, customs, habits–it is not your right to deny animals of their freedom. That is injustice.

If you feel any emotion right now and have any correlation to what I have said thus far, you will realize that there is no counter argument to Veganism. That is not me being ‘stuck up’ that is pure fact and logic. Now it is up to you to accept it, make amends with your past and move forward.

I am not an emotional, pushy, female. I am a sane human. I live with non-vegans, my best friends are avid meat eaters, I do not hate them but I do not agree with them. I do not see through rose coloured glasses. I open my eyes to the blasphemy, to the cruelty. I feel for it, I accept it but I don’t say “oh well, it’s always going to be like this, whatever. At least I love my dog”. NO. I do something about it. I act upon my emotions. If watching an animal being slaughtered makes you un-easy or makes you cry STOP EATING IT. Stop wearing it, and go and DO something about it! Start showing the love you’ve always had for animals. You can not say you love animals then wear rabbit fur. There is no hypocrisy in Veganism. It doesn’t matter if you buy free-range, organic, kosher, halal, non-gmo…these simply do not exist. Meat is meat. Milk is milk. Eggs are eggs. The meat and dairy industry want your money and that’s all they want.

What do us humans want? We want equality, justice, balance, harmony and peace. We will never reach this unless we rationalize and start reflecting on our actions. How do we think we will be able to one day get along with each other when we murder more than 150 billion animals per year worldwide.

World peace starts at your plate. Yet ee see animals as nothing more than nutritional information on the back of a plastic package.

Ever hear the phrase: you need to give a little to get a little? What I am asking of you is virtually nothing. I am asking you to open your eyes, take action and show compassion. Because we need some more of that in this world.

I am vegan for the animals, for my health, for our planet and I am vegan for you. I am here to guide you, to help you make the change, to expose the cruelty and de-bunk the myths.

When people die, it is a tragedy. When animals die, it is a statistic. Be the person who cares most in a world of people who couldn’t care less.


Isn’t it obvious?

To anyone who had read this post and has shifted their perspective, I thank you for your optimism.

Have a fruitful day,









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