What I ate today #3

It’s time for another what I ate today post!

I have been meaning to do these on a weekly basis, but since I just got back from vacation my eating schedule has been kind of messed up due to lack of groceries, jet lag etc. But now I am getting back into routine and feeling a lot better!

Breakfast: Chocolate Strawberry Dateorade


Last night after I came home from my run, I really wanted to make some homemade fries but alas, we had no potatoes. I also thought we had no bananas (which I later found a whole bunch this morning, thank god!) so I resorted to dateorade. Instead of just using dates, cacao and water like I usually do, I added in some frozen strawberries, coconut sugar and a dash of pecan milk and oh. my. gosh. It was so sweet and creamy that I just had to make it for breakfast again this morning! It’s a great way to get in all of the essential sugars/carbs for your cells while also getting a hefty dose of fibre. This smoothie had over 20g!

Snack 1: Apples, Grapes and Dates


I don’t count calories (nor do I recommend it) but a typical snack for me is around 300 calories. I used to think that was enough for a meal! WRONG. When I am in need of a snack what ever fruit we have is usually what will do the trick. Apples are especially good right now and so are grapes so that makes for an easy snack. Since they aren’t exactly calorie dense fruits though I the had 3 dates with peanut butter aka heaven. 


If you haven’t tried this combo then what are you doing with your life? If you are intolerant to peanuts, substitute almond butter and it tastes like caramel-y goodness.

Lunch: Banana Kale Smoothie


Since I found some bananas hiding in my freezer of course I was going to make a smoothie! This is my typical green smoothie I typically consume on a daily basis. Bananas, Kale, Wheatgrass, vanilla Vega protein powder, water and a dash of nut milk.

Pre Dinner Snack: Date Rolls

FullSizeRenderIs it evident that I have an obsession with dates? If not, let me make myself very clear: I have an obsession with dates. Seriously though, they are natures candy! You can buy these at Whole Foods and all it is, is just dates and coconut. Sweet and simple and you really only need one or two!

Dinner: Potato Wedges


A classic dinner of mine is simply just potatoes cut up into wedges and baked until golden. I love that it is finally getting darker later so when I eat dinner it is still light outside! 🙂 Summer is coming!

So, that is all I ate today! Even though I do not count calories for the sake of this post I counted and totalled to around 2500. At this exact same time last year I was eating under 500. I felt weak, tired and I was underweight lacking many nutrients. Eating a plant-based diet of wholesome goodness is the way to go!

Have a fruitful day,


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