Photo Journal: Oahu

Aloha readers!

This is the first instalment of my photo journal series. If you don’t already know, photography is a favourite hobby of mine as is travelling! I thought I would combine the two and create a photo journal segment documenting the places I travel to! There’s more to The Potassium Princess than just bananas so I hope you enjoy!

I have been travelling to Oahu since I was 2 years old and it is pretty much what I call my ‘happy place.’ This year was an extra special trip considering I got to spend my sixteenth birthday on this beautiful island of the sun!


Ala Moana beach park and Waikiki beach are pretty tourist-y spots. Nonetheless they are beautiful places for vibrant photos, especially sunsets. I love going paddle boarding in Waikiki because the tides aren’t as rough and also the water isn’t as deep. If you’re familiar with the lagoon at the Hilton Hawaiian Village, you will know that there is a little beach secluded behind it with a parking lot. This is where a lot of surfers go, and I love to go and take photos!


IMG_3339There is a lot of volcanic rock debris left over here and is more ‘rough’ compared to the man-made beaches of Waikiki. Everything in my opinion is most beautiful when left in its natural state.


If you are looking for some vibrant sunset photos, this is a great place to start as well.




The Hilton beach pier is another common photo location.

IMG_0064 1IMG_3301IMG_6593One of my absolute favourite beaches to go to is Kailua Beach. I find Waikiki really overrated but that’s probably because I have taken just about every photo that you can take there! Kailua and Lanikai beach are on the windward side of Oahu and have a view of the Koolau mountain range.


From the beach you can also view the Haiku stairs or more famously known as the ‘Stairway to Heaven’. I have yet to hike this as it is highly illegal but one day…;)


I took this photo on my 16th birthday where we kayaked out to the flat island just short of a mile off of Kailua beach. It is a protected bird sanctuary (yet there were no birds) and has views of the Mokulua or ‘twin’ islands. If you look far enough you can even see Molokai!


We were out kayaking for a good couple of hours and it’s safe to say that it was the best way to spend my sweet (or salty) sixteenth birthday.



I took this photo on my Intova Nova sports camera and have yet to change the time settings…I assure you I cannot time travel!



Kailua and Lanikai offer a lot of intricate photo opportunities since they are not man-made locations. You can often see some humpback whales if you go far enough out and if your lucky some sea turtles too. Unfortunately we weren’t lucky enough, but I was too focused on the scenery anyways!


I first came to kailua beach when I was 12 years old. Four years later it still astounds me!


You think the water is blue at Waikiki? Wait until you go here.



Why aren’t there palm trees in my backyard???


It’s a girly thing but I love taking photos of the lovely flowers scattered throughout the island. I love my 40mm f/2.8 canon lens, the quality is so crisp and the shallow depth of field isn’t too overpowering.



My absolute favourite flower: Frangipani’s!


Gotta love the hibiscus! ❤



Whilst hiking at Manoa falls I spotted all of these African Iris’ and they were just too pretty for words!




One thing i’m not too keen on at the Hilton is the abundance of wild animals they hold captive there. It offers for great photos but being vegan I can’t help but feel sorry for those poor animals. On a good note though, they recently let go of their infamous penguins and sent them back where they belong *cue happy music*. These ducklings pictured above were just too cute to resist!


Same with their colourful (and very loud) birds. I hope one day they will return to their native habitat.


Correct me if i’m wrong but I think these are oak trees? Anyhow you will see them throughout the entire island and their branches make for the best nature photos. This park below was down at Hanauma Bay.

photo 5 copyI have no clue as to what species of tree these are, but they sure are a beautiful sight.

I took this next photo on my iPhone (the rest are on my canon) and the sky was literally like cotton candy. It was one of the most beautiful sunsets I have seen in all my years of travelling here!

Manoa Falls is located about 30 minutes from Waikiki and it’s a breathtaking hike. The day we went it was quite dry so that waterfall wasn’t flowing excessively but the trees, bamboo, flowers and the sounds of the birds are equally as worth it. I mean, you’re in the middle of the rainforest! Not something you get in Canada… 

IMG_3647The hike took us about 35 minutes give or take to reach the waterfall. Down is a lot easier than up, but overall the hike is moderate, just bring bug spray!



Okay and now time for some cheeky selfies! 😉

IMG_3773 IMG_3878FullSizeRender-2Yes I got a lot of salt water in my nose after I took this photo and yes, it was worth it.


I call this one: “Gracefully falls backwards into the pool”. Don’t you love my sunglasses? I have gone through two pairs and I feel like a bug in them but they are so rad!


An accidental photo that my mom got of me, looks like someone was playing paparazzi! 😉



No vacation is complete without multiple trips to Lanikai Juice aka the only reason why I don’t starve in Hawaii. Finding good quality vegan food conveniently is a little bit tricky when in Waikiki. My staples are rice, green smoothies, pineapple, datorade and açai bowls!

And to end this blog post off with a bang (pun intended) the traditional fireworks at the HHV!


These fireworks yet another big tourist attraction. I went to see them on the 4th of July one year and they were absolutely incredible! I love this photo especially because you can see the moon peeking through to say hello.




Mahalo Hawaii! I miss you already. 😦

Let me know if you enjoyed this travel segment in the comments below!



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