February Favourites

It’s the last day of February…

Say what?

It’s the last day of February!

You know what that means. ๐Ÿ˜‰

It’s time for me to talk about everything I have loved throughout this month. If you haven’t already seen my January favourites click the link here.



1. Coconut Bliss Balls

IMG_3175These little guys have been one of my favourite simple snacks to munch on throughout the day. They are only three ingredients and will wowย your taste buds! See the full recipe here.

2. One word. Avocado.

tumblr_mwvlef8Bcq1r6k8i6o1_500I have never publicly displayed my lust for avocados until now. These fruits are extremely amazing and I wish it didn’t take me this long to realize it! Avocados contain more potassium than bananas, they are loaded with fiber and will keep your skin soft and supple.

3. Mangoes


I have always loved mangoes but this past month I went to the “Mango Island” for a few days and it made me appreciate food and this lifestyle so much more! A mono fruit island is where you basically eat one fruit of your choice for the entire day and it can last for as long as you wish. I noticed how much more alert my taste buds were and since then food has been tasting so much more rich, even when eating bland. I felt really bubbly and energized too so it was overall a great experience!

4. Datorade

IMG_3259Since this is primarily a food blog obviously I will have more food favourites, it’s just in my nature! ๐Ÿ˜‰ My Vitamix broke this past month (total un-favourite)ย so I haven’t been able to make any elaborate smoothies. Datorade is great because it’s super easy and no prep is required! Dates are full of healthy, energizing sugars/carbs so it makes for a great post-workout shake. Recipe coming soon!


1. Sea Salt Scrub


Lately I have been using sea salt to exfoliate my face every second day or so. The crystals of sea salt are so fine that they really get into your pores and leave your face feeling tight and cleansed afterwards. This is great especially if you have oily skin, but if you have dry skin it works wonders too! I simply mix a few tables spoons of sea salt with a bit of water and in light, circular motions I exfoliate my face, chest and upper back and leave it for about a minute and rinse it off.

2. Sea buckthorn oilSea buckthorn oil on a white backgroundLast summer I started breaking out on my forehead in little tiny bumps and I did everything I could to get rid of them. I found sea buckthorn oil and within a week my face was getting back to normal, and it still works to this day! Sea buckthorn is very moisturizing but not heavy at all. I put it on my face at night and simply wash it off in the morning. Plus, it also acts as a natural UV protectant and has been proven to help slow the aging process!

3. Pacifica Perfumes


Perfume is a girls kryptonite. We all go through that phase! The fragrance industry is one of the most cruel industries to animals and have strict guidelines when it comes to testing their products. Pacifica is an all natural, 100% vegan, cruelty-free beauty line with makeup, body care and fragrance! My favourite scents are Fresh Lilac and Waikiki Pikake. They come in a rollerball for on the go and a full size perfume bottle. PS: How cute is the packaging!?


1. Vegan Leather

Screen Shot 2015-02-28 at 1.43.00 PM

This is my only fashion favourite but it deserves to steal the spotlight! I am not one for wearing leather or any animal for that matter. However, it can be really challenging to find some vegan leather goods that are still cute at the same time. I was in Free People and I was ecstatic to find the abundance of vegan leather bags! It’s great to see large brands endorsing the vegan message! This bag is called the Vegan “Crazyheart” Tote and comes in four different colours and is my favourite bag I have ever owned and a reasonable price too. Check it out here.


1. P4P Ab Workout


P4P (or Passion for Profession) is a company that makes workout apps for your entire body that are downloadable onto your phone or tablet! I have been using their application for abs on my phone for quite sometime now and I just got back into it this month. The workouts are quick and effective! I believe in 80% diet and 20% fitness. I do this workout along with some cardio like running or swimming and it makes me feel strong and lean. If you want a full post on my exercise routine comment below!

P4P youtube channel:ย https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCNAjjkbNbaVeH4o617fTC4g

P4P App for iPhone:ย https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/abs-workout-get-your-six-pack/id426364250?mt=8

Those are all of my favourites for the month of Februrary! Short and simple. What were some of your favourite things this month?

Have a fruitful day!





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