What I ate today #2

Hello fellow readers,

Today I have another “what I ate today” post!

I love writing these because it gives an insight to the vegan diet and how non-restrictive (and nourishing!) this lifestyle, contrary to popular belief, is.

Sure, i’m biased, but these posts are proof that us vegans don’t eat bird food!

Breakfast: Lots of fruit!


So I kind of had three breakfast today. First I started off with some watermelon, because fruits of the melon family should always be eaten on an empty stomach. Starting your day with fruit is so great because it not only gets your digestive system going but it’s very hydrating and provides the sugars you need to keep moving throughout the day.


Next I found a random mango just chilling in my fridge so I decided to chop it up and eat it!


Finally, I cut up half a pineapple and poured some of my current favourite cucumber, pineapple, mint juice (which I talk about here). I sure was feeling fruity this morning!

Lunch: Cacao Coconut Smoothie Bowl


Aside from feeling fruity today, I was also feeling creative so I tried something new: a smoothie bowl! I always see them on instagram, so I figured to try it out for myself. It’s exactly what it sounds like, a mixture between a smoothie and banana ice cream. I will post the recipe soon! I topped mine with coconut chips, chia seeds, goji berries, cacao nibs and my raw cookie dough snowballs.

Snack no.1: Green Smoothie


So technically this wasn’t a snack, but not a meal either. I eat intuitively so I don’t eat on a schedule, I just eat when i’m hungry! I don’t count calories either. It’s really important to not get caught up in that and just listen to your body instead. This is another recipe that’s yet to come, trust me it’s worth the wait! πŸ˜‰ I try to drink a green smoothie every single day. Can you guess what’s in this one?

Snack no.2: Homemade granola bar


I made these granola bars the other day from the Oh She Glows cookbook. They are her ‘glo bars’ and OMG they are ah-mazing.Β They really are to die for and taste better than any other preservative, refined sugar filled Quaker bar you would find at a typical grocery store.

Dinner: Potatoes!


It’s true, I have french fries almost every night for dinner. They never get old! Mono-meals are great for your digestion and allows for maximum nutrient absorption. I really love eating mono meals and encourage anyone and everyone to eat at least one mono meal a week! Some nights I only want three potatoes, but for instance, tonight I had seven!Β Eat until you’re satisfied, this lifestyle is restriction free!

After dinner snack: Ezekiel bread with avocado


Surprisingly I was still hungry a while after dinner so I decided to toast some Ezekiel bread and smash half an avocado on it with some black pepper. I just hopped on the avocado wagon recently and I really love these little fruits! They are a wonderful source of healthy fat, and a great substitute to nut butters if you want to spread something on a piece of bread.

And that’s all I ate today! Sometimes I eat way less, sometimes way more. That’s the beauty of living a HCLF (high carb-low fat) vegan lifestyle, is the flexibility and ability to adjust to your preferences, availability and cravings!

Have a fruitful day,



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