Raw food vs. Cooked food

Here is a rambling coming to you live straight from Alexa’s brain!


So as most of you know a couple of weeks ago I embarked on a journey to un-freezing my body…

That sounded so much better in my head.

Any-who, I basically could not eat any raw food for a temporary amount of time.

This past week (even though it has barely begun) has been pretty tough for me. Tough in the sense that this whole thing is really beginning to frustrate me. I have done everything right but am not seeing the results I dreamed day and night of. So what gives?

These past two days especially I have just been really fed up, and today I decided to make myself banana ice cream, something I have been craving ever since I started this ‘journey’. So I happily went downstairs and made both vanilla and chocolate flavours.

And guess what?

I didn’t like it. Neither of them.

This is the same recipe that I have been eating surviving off of for the longest time! I then threw it out and proceeded to make myself my favourite banana smoothie.

I found it was too sweet and unappealing.

So, frustrated me gave it one final try and made another smoothie.

It was the best out of all three but it didn’t satiate me like it used to and it felt odd, tasted odd and I wasn’t sipping with a smile on my face.

It has been a truly tragic hour.

Which is why i’m writing about it. I don’t know what makes me more upset: the fact that I wasted probably 10 frozen bananas or the fact that the way of life I have been preaching for so long doesn’t satisfy me the way it used to!

Our taste buds are extremely adaptable. It’s scary.

Now, I am currently making myself some rice because all I want is warm, cooked food, plus we’re out of nutritional yeast so I can’t make my mac n’ cheese. 😦

I mean, I have been counting the days until I get to go to a warm climate and only eat 100% raw! It’s just appalling to me that the only food that I wanted to eat for the past couple of weeks almost repulsed me when I finally ate it.

I see myself falling into a state of melancholy, rapidly.

This is utterly perplexing to me (and whats even more utterly perplexing is the fact that I just used utterly and perplexing in the same sentence). Obviously my taste buds will change with time, and I can force them to change…but to be completely honest I actually don’t mind eating cooked food. My body is warmer (shocker), and there is a whole new world of possibilities. Rather, a whole new kitchen of possibilities. I am probably just overreacting because that tends to be a slight trait of mine.

SO. I guess I will just go with what my gut tells me and right now, oddly enough, it’s eating cooked food.

Writing about things definitely provides some clarity.

Oh and to the bananas currently residing in my garbage can: I’m really sorry.

So, if fruit still ap-peels (;)) to you then…

Have a fruitful day,






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