What I ate today

Aloha readers and welcome to my first “journal” post! I wanted some way to connect with all of you who follow me and this lifestyle on a personal level instead of just posting recipes and such. I hope you enjoy and don’t forget to comment because I ❀ your feedback!

So today I am going to do a food diary type post, and let you see what I eat on a typical day.Β My apologies in advance for the iPhone quality photos πŸ˜•

Breakfast: just over 1L of pure-organic, non-pasteurized orange juice.

photo 1-6


A juice of any kind is a great way to start the day. Orange juice is particularly great because its not only hydrating but the sugar is instantly absorbed by your cells after a long night’s sleep, and you get your dose of vitamin C!



Lunch: Chocolate-perppermint datorade

photo 1-5


Dates are a really calorically dense fruit so they’re a great way to get in the energy without feeling stuffed. I usually use about 10-15 dates, pit them and soak them in water the night before. You don’t need to soak them for that long, I just prefer to. 20 minutes or so is fine. Since dates lack water content you want them to digest properly so soaking them does the trick while also helping with the blending process.

Snack 1: Dried Mango

photo 2-5

Fresh mango that tastes good is hard to find in Canada during the winter, obviously. So, I buy my mango dried and yet again, its really calorie dense so it makes a good source of energy without feeling sluggish. The mango I buy from whole foods is reallyΒ fresh and juicy so I don’t need to drink as much water. But with all dried fruit its still important to keep hydrated to ensure proper digestion. πŸ˜‰ I also had more than what’s pictured.

Snack 2: Kale Chips

photo 2-6

These aren’t a typical snack for me, but we went grocery shopping and they intrigued me! They aren’t fried or heavily heated so they haven’t lost their nutrients. They have a cashew coating mixed with different spices and they make for a great on the go savoury snack.



Small meal, pre-dinner: 2 gala apples, 5 mandarins and mixed berries

photo 3-3


I was feeling a bit under-carbed so I decided to have some more fruit of course! These are all acid and sub-acid fruits so they combine just fine. I also sprinkled some cinnamon on my apples, I can’t eat them without it! I ate this 2 hours before dinner.

photo 4-2









Dinner: Oil free, cracked pepper potato wedges with organic ketchup

photo 5-2


This has been my dinner for the past couple of nights! At the end of the day is when you want to eat your most “complex” food or your slowest digesting food. I love having potato wedges because it meets somewhere in the middle. It digests slower because its cooked, but its still a mono meal so your body doesn’t have to work as hard. Plus, they just taste really good! πŸ˜› And again, its a great way to ensure that your getting enough energy. Don’t be afraid of the almighty carbs, they’re your friends!

And that’s all I ate! I don’t count calories, I base it on how I feel. If I feel I need more food because I’m lethargic then I eat! I mainly much on fruit because its the best source of food for any body. I do limit fat to about 10% of my daily calories, but I still feel satisfied. Keep it high carb, low-fat and guaranteed you will feel your best.

Have a fruitful day,



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