Rocky Road Squares

Right now I am staring at my christmas tree in its luminous glory, and I can’t help but feel unsettled.

Now I don’t know if you celebrate Christmas or not, but out of all the holidays, it’s always been at the top of my list. I hate to be a grinch, but is it just me–or does Christmas feel a little strange this year?

This will be my second Christmas as a vegan and over the course of about 2 years now, I have seen Christmas in a different light.

I was so blessed to grow up with a traditional christmas like the ones you’d see on TV. Tons of presents, a beautifully decorated house, tacky sweaters, perfectly shaped gingerbread men…the whole nine yards. But, something this year just clicked with me.

Why does there have to be a single day out of 365 where we practice gratitude, love and charity? Shouldn’t these things be something we incorporate into our daily lives?

I can still wholeheartedly say that I love looking at the city all lit up, going skating in the frigid cold Vancouver weather and listening to Mariah Carey’s christmas albums, but I truly think this will be my last Christmas.

I didn’t ask for anything this year besides a jolly good day with my friends and family, and I think that’s the greatest gift of all.

However, that doesn’t mean that I will stop posting holiday recipes! No, no, no. The food lives on. I have a quick, ridiculously easy recipe that I used to make with my mom during this time of year…except of course, vegan-ified!

Regardless of whether you choose to celebrate Christmas or not, theres always room for some good ol’ holiday munching!

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Vegan Pizzelle

During the holidays growing up, the one thing I always looked forward to the most was my grandmothers homemade pizzelle.

I was the child who would say they weren’t hungry for dinner but would then eat all the cookies afterwards…I was such a tiny little thing, I don’t even know how I fit it all in me!

Not much has changed.

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Holiday Dessert Ideas

School is officially over and you know what that means…

Let the Christmas baking commence!

Because Christmas isn’t Christmas without a lil’ sweet touch, right?

Here is a compilation of some of my favourite desserts on my blog that are perfect for the holidays.

All of these recipes are 100% vegan, healthy, and I promise they don’t taste like it at all.

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November Favourites

Dear November,

Where’d you go?

As I sit here writing this, the sky is slowing turning black and all I can think about is the huge math test I have on Monday.

So that’s the perfect excuse to tell you all about my favourite things from this month right?

I know, I know. I haven’t posted one of these since April. I think. Don’t quote me on that.

Please forgive me, and lets talk about awesome vegan products, okay?

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Introducing: Food for Thought

Hi friends!

So it is crystal clear that I like food, you like food…hence why you are probably reading this blog right now.

But. Today I am introducing a new type of food to the blog:

Mind food!

No, It’s not exactly the delectable, edible kind, but hopefully you see where this is going. I am always up for a good dose of inspiration and a change of perspective and sharing our personal experiences with one another is one of the best tools given to allow ourselves an opportunity to grow and prosper. 

This is my raw, un-edited portion of the blog. You want the “real” me? Well you got it now!

Today is going to be just a quickie, I have compiled some of my favourite Ted talks to share with you, I do hope you enjoy and stay tuned for an exciting post next week! 😉

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